Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 New Year Resolutions

Hey everybody!

Once upon a time, I blogged every day.  Like... EVERY day.  (for five years straight) What started as a New Year resolution became an obsession. Thinking about why I was so successful at that resolution (don't we typically break these by week two?), I came up with a few reasons/motivating factors for resolution-keeping success:

Instead of focusing on eliminating a negative habit, I was focusing on something positive to do.
It was something that gave me a sense of accomplishment each and every day. By using a positive reinforcement each day, it was much easier for me to succeed, and then it became a will-power and pride thing.  I couldn't NOT post, because I didn't want the streak to end!

Another important tool in achieving goals is writing them down (I've posted about this before), publicly or otherwise.  I choose to post publicly because it adds a level of accountability, but also a secret dash of fairydust magic. Magic helps when will fails.

So here we are, 2019... resolution time.

1) Find a {non-profit} cause I can donate my talents to. I had a photographer who told me once that donating photography to non-profits is a bad idea because it takes away work for photographers (non-profits could have a marketing budget), so I haven't done this in awhile.  The thing is, putting positive juju out there is a good thing, and I have some talents I'd love to offer up.

2) Start teaching photographers again.  I love teaching - whether it be teaching parents how to photograph their kiddos, or photographers working on their business. I want to put on at least one workshop in 2019 and preferably 2.

3) Start something new.  Remember when I started Baller Foodtruck? I used my downtime to fuel one of my passions and it was really rewarding.  I'd like to start a new project like that in 2019: a new business, or hobby, or whatever.  Time to create!

4) Work on my photography business. I've been photographing fewer weddings the last two years because my workload with Impressions was really intense.  Starting this month, that changed so it's time to get back to doing what I enjoy most in the world: photographing weddings!  I'd like to shoot 20 weddings and I'm about halfway there currently.Feel free to help me: if you have a friend who gets engaged, make sure you share my name with them!

5) Grow my Instagram - vain, sure... but the swipe up feature would be so nice for everyone whenever I have a link to share - I just need a few hundred more to get to 10k.  If you don't follow my instagram - you can do that right here right now).

At the end of 2019 I'll come back and see how I did. Here's to a fantastic 2019!

Talk to you soon,

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