Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Punta Cana Underwater Bridal Couple Portraits

Hey everybody!!

I have such an incredible shoot to show you today!  I've been teasing these underwater bridal couple portraits that we photographed in Punta Cana on my instagram and facebook, and now the entire post is ready!

Katya and Rob were such amazing hosts while we were in the Dominican for their wedding, and we were so happy to treat them to an underwater adventure for their couple's portraits.  Katya donned her wedding dress (which is TO DIE FOR, by the way), and we headed off to a fresh water lagoon, underwater housing in hand to dive deep for some sublime and out-of-the-ordinary wedding portraits!

When you're underwater... mostly all you think about is, "DON'T DIE!" which of course is helpful... unless you're taking portraits underwater.  What makes this tough is that while I'm underwater I have to remember f-stops, shutter speeds, isos, focusing, lighting, and of course composition.  What makes it tough for the bride and groom under water is that they have to think, "shoulders back, cheeks puckered, keep the profile, don't cover faces, and so on.

I'm not gonna lie... it's tricky shooting underwater!

But the results we captured are breathtaking.

Talk to you soon,

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